This is the legal page for Progstats.

The service

Progstats is an open-source service aiming to give general statistics about each promotion results at their algorithm homework assignments. The service has been created to archive results and provide general statistical information to students.

The service is operated by Matiboux, the project creator.

By using Progstats, you allow us to create and use cookies for analytics purposes.

Data usage

Progstats uses anonym data to generate the statistics. Full anonym datasets are required for the service to operate as intended.


The data came from dumps of a public file containing all students results, as published by members of the school — EPITA.

This data — the original dumps — was originally not anonymized.

For publication here on Progstats, the data has been pseudonymized.

Public data

The public data, as published on Progstats, is anonymized.

Private data

In order to process requests, and as meant by the data pseudonymization, additionnal data — the original dumps — is kept privately by the project manager.

For any request, the project manager can be contacted by email.